Habits that affect our health.

April 14, 2017 | Family health,Health care
Habits that affect health    Some of the habits that people have not only damage their own health but in one way or another harm those around them. Many of these habits can be broken or avoided--but the first step is to understand why breaking these habits is so important.  DRINKING    If alcohol has brought much joy to m
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Diarrhea and Dysentery

April 14, 2017 | Children Health,Family health,Health care,Sicknesses
DIARRHEA AND DYSENTERY    When a person has loose or watery stools, he has diarrhea. If mucus and blood can be seen in the stools, he has dysentery.     Diarrhea can be mild or serious. It can be acute (sudden and severe) or chronic (lasting many days).     Diarrhea is more common and more dangerous in youn
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