Where to get vitamins

April 14, 2017 | Children Health,Family health,Health care
Where to get vitamins: in pills, injections, syrups—or in foods?    Anyone who eats a good mixture of foods, including vegetables and fruits, gets all the vitamins he needs. It is always better to eat well that to buy vitamin pills, injections, syrups, or tonics.    Sometimes nutritious foods are scarce. If a person is alread
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Illnesses that cause fever

April 14, 2017 | Family health,Health care,Sicknesses
Confusion Between Different Illnesses That Cause Fever.  Correctly speaking, a fever is a body temperature higher than normal. But a number of serious illnesses that cause higher temperature are called ‘fever'.   To prevent or treat these diseases successfully, it is important to know how to tell one from another.   Here are so
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